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Serving the education sector and key corporate clients

Vision and Mission

Chris Wright Systems is a division of Chris Wright Consultancy Ltd and was founded in 2007 by Chris Wright DipM MCIM and Dr Kevin Ashbridge.

We combine the best that the technological and business worlds have to offer to produce innovative websites, systems and software for schools.

Vision statement

Our long term vision is to ensure that every school has a technological means of:

  • delivering added value services and information online
  • improving the interactive experience for parents, students, staff, partner organisations and other stakeholders
  • improving and managing internal and external relationships
  • facilitating effective dialogue with all stakeholders in a way that results in positive organisational change and a better educational experience for all individuals and groups
  • improving the operational management of the support and communication functions.

And through our software provide a way of simplifying and improving processes so that schools can save time and money, reduce workloads and become more effective in all of the areas that support the running of the school.

Mission Statement

To provide affordable websites and technological systems for schools which enable them to improve their communications with stakeholders and the management of their day-to-day operations.

To conduct our business in a fair and ethical manner whilst providing added value to our clients in the form of enhanced support and learning opportunities for staff and pupils and to do all of this in a way that puts teaching and learning and pupil well-being at the absolute centre of all that we do.