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Turnkey websites

We can provide 'turnkey' websites for schools that have limited budgets and the internal capacity to develop their own website.

The great thing about our turnkey websites is that you don't need to do any programming or have someone with a detailed understanding of websites. All you need is someone who has the time and motivation to put the website together.

A turnkey website is where we provide you with a website framework and Content Management System (CMS) that is hosted and ready for you to use.

The website comes unpopulated which means that you have to add the text, images, videos and other features yourself. However, this is all made easy as the CMS comes with full instructions. We can also provide one-to-one training with the staff member who is being tasked with the development of the website.

Turnkey websites cost significantly less than fully designed and populated solutions and we are also able to provide hybrid solutions where we provide a bespoke design but you add the images and copy.